Bloodlake 3D

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Bloodlake 3D (1984)

The third and most successful entry in this series from the 1980's follows the profitable formula established by it's predecessors wherein a hapless group of oversexed teenagers retires to the idyllic, summer retreat of Camp Bloodlake to drink, "party", engage in acts of illegal sexual congress and, of course, meet horrific deaths at the hands of a merciless serial killer, "Baby Huey". His scorched visage blanketed in burlap, the indefatigable Huey prowls the cursed landscape of Bloodlake with a thirst for blood that can never be slaked.

It may sound distasteful even exploitative on the surface but the makers of BL3D were not content to rest on their laurels. Instead they turned their shop-worn formula resolutely on it's ear, constructing a surprisingly poignant meditation on the various themes of unrequited love, teenage malaise and the terrifying acceleration of modern technology.

Add to the mix a menagerie of new monsters (including a werewolf, some pop-eyed extra-terrestrials and a gaggle of amphibious mutant fish-men) and you have a satisfying genre entry that defies easy categorization. The film's executive producer/co-writer, Franklin Friedkin has announced studio plans for a restoration and theatrical re-release of BL3D for sometime in 2006.

Followed by two inferior sequels- Bloodlake 4- Bloodloch (1985) and Bloodlake 5- Huey Takes Capitol Hill. (1988)

Filmed originally in 3D.

103 minutes

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