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Algy Mongrels
Big Black Yul Brynner

Voice of Ro-man/Big Black Yul Brynner
The Prime Minister
The Genie
The Witch
The Fat Sheila
The Narrator
Additional Voices

Algy’s Dog “Mate”

Cloned Amazon Army

VB Dancers



Russell Friedrich
Renae Barrass
Justin Dix
Rob Townshend
Brett Anstey
Hugh Fleming
Bob Nichol
Charles Thompson
Vaso Babic
Alan Cassell
Daniel Armstrong
Dave Redman

Andrea Dix

Kim Adam
Melodie Grenachi
Jaime Krischunas
Leanne McKendry
Nikki Oppenheimer
Sarah Storey

Steve Carroll
Justin Dix
Hugh Fleming
David Hankin

Tin Rattlers
Tracey Anstey, Daniel Armstrong, Vaso Babic, Jason Campey, Steve Carroll, Justin Dix, Hugh Fleming, Ben Green, Louanna Haddon, David Hankin, Trevor Mayne, Darren Maxwell, Troy McManus, Peter Roberts, Charles Thompson, Rob Townshend

City Extras
Brett Anstey, Tracey Anstey, Vaso Babic, Renae Barrass, Justin Dix, Russell Friedrich, Hugh Fleming, David Hankin, Rhys & Jake Healey, Ian Horak, Trevor Mayne, Kaye McGrath, Gary McGrath, Lindsey Powell, Dave Redman, Tanya Sankovic, Kate Tucker, John Warner, Robyn Young


Produced & Directed by
Screenplay by
Editor & Sound Designer
Production Designers & Pyrotechnics
Original Music by
Line Producer
Associate Producer
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
2nd Unit Camera Operators
1st Man Out of the Water

Stop Motion Animation & Visual FX
Model Makers & Props

Technical Support

Algy's Theme based on Billy Blanks by
Lyrics by
Hammond Organ, Moog Prodigy
Drums, Percussion
Guitars, Piano
Electric Bass
Recorded & Mixed at Bootfull Audio by

Post Production
Special thanks to

The Amazing Krypto Bros. are



Brett Anstey
The Amazing Krypto Bros
Dave Redman
Justin Dix & Rob Townshend
David Jackson & Antonio Milillo
Robyn Young
Jon Willis
Reg Spoon
Brett Anstey
Robyn Young & Dave Redman
Andrea Dix, Justin Dix, Robyn Young
Bev Storey
Ian Horak

Brett Anstey
Brett Anstey & Dave Redman
Brett Anstey
Justin Dix
Peter Roberts
Andrew Thilby
Rob Townshend
Vaso Babic

Stuart Ferguson
David Jackson
Stuart Ferguson
David Jackson
Bernie Hallam
Antonio Milillo
Maria Roath
Paul Vanzella
Paul West
Matthew J Dufty

CVP Film & Television
Redfoot Films
Bob Halliday
Sue Johnston
Jon Willis
Nell Humphries

Brett Anstey
Justin Dix
Hugh Fleming
Russell Friedrich
Ian Horak
Charles Thompson

No animals, Cyclops, giant spiders or midgets were harmed or injured in making this film. Though Hugh did suffer bruised ribs, sorry buddy.

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