Not a very nice guy at all!

Many ages ago, long before the invention of things such as television, automobiles & 2 minute noodles, there was a mystical land famous for its sorcery & false beards. A land they called Thrae.

But for a time this land was cast into darkness. This was not for the want of a better lighting system but rather by the evil hand of Ezra Pound The Axe King - otherwise known as Big Jobs!

Ezra & his army raped, pillaged & tortured their way throughout Thrae.... and not necessarily in that order. For no particular reason, on every lunar eclipse Ezra would kidnap a female virgin from a village & sacrifice her to the great Dragon at the end of the world.

But the people of Thrae lived not without hope, for they all held belief in that one day a child would be born & lead his people to freedom. Around this time a new born baby mysteriously found its way into the care of the wise old wizard... & village idiot, Nelrim. Nelrim sensing that this child was the chosen one declared "Behold the prophesy!"

What does all this mean? Sadly my friends I have no idea!


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