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Damned by Dawn

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Ezra Pound The Axe King   Cosmic Safari   Atomic Spitballs

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42 minutes
Super 8, BVU, SP Betacam

An epic tale of Dragons & Dungeons, Fake Kings & False Beards, Prophecies & Poets, Wizards & Virgins, Black & White Minstrels and Edward, the young man caught between it all.


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41 minutes
BVU & SP Betacam

Algy Mongrels - thrillseeker, humanitarian, filmmaker, nobel laureate & poor speller; rockets to the planet Krypto to confront the evil Ro-man, who is threatening to destroy the earth. Based on a true story.


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15 minutes
DVCAM & SP Betacam

A bone chilling night of terror that paralyzed mankind with devastating chaos!

Bloodlake 3D

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A totally bodacious new dimension in terror!

Special Edition

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